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Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Aurora City
Population: 1 Billion
Satellites: 2

Aurora is a Terran Federation colony world. .


Though not devastated in the Strekkelan War, the Terran Federation feared an economic depression. However, this changed when the SS Kyoto discovered a new world, known as Aurora. The report sent back to the Terran Federation space spurred a massive colonial recruitment drive and the construction of the colony ship SS Saratoga.

Following the flight, the colonists dismantled the Saratoga, establishing the initial colony. Soon, the colonization sparked a massive economic boom which became known as the Great Expansion.


Oceans and seas[]


Points of Interest[]


Natural History[]

Aurora has a limited biodiversity rate. The primary carnivore is a gargoyle-like creature which preys on ram-like creatures and two types of birds. There is also a long, pig-like creature which are sometimes raised by the colonists.