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Cestus III
Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Peldan City
Population: 4.5 Billion
Star: Cestus
Star System: Cestus system

Cestus III is a Terran Federation colony world.


During the Great Expansion, Cestus was discovered by an independent explorer ship captain named Miranda Peldan, who was hired to seek out new worlds for the purpose of colonization. In the survey's, she discovered rich resources and fertile farmland on the southern side. Miranda soon deemed the planet suitable for colonization.

Miranda sent word back to the Terran Federation about her discovery and how it would improve the expansion. Soon, the colony ship SS Florence, was launched to colonize the planet. The initial settlement was established as a small trade outpost, several mines and a farming settlement.

Over the years, the colony of Cestus III expanded and became a thriving colony world. Several cities, including New Chicago, Lakeside, Preston City and New Fargo rose from dedicated colonists. Being one of the Middle Colonies, Cestus III has a very diverse population, with 20% of the population being non-human.

During the Scoodian War, Cestus III became the site of a Major Battle between the colonists and the Scoodians. One colonist, Julian Teris, was famous for organizing the colonists to fight the invaders. Though he managed to drive them away, several colonists died for their defense. The Teris Memorial was later constructed in the capital in memory of the colonists who died.

Following the Scoodian War, Cestus saw a large influx of population because of the transport of refugees of worlds destroyed by the Scoodians.


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Natural History[]

Greelaks are large reptilian creatures native to Cestus III.