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Turkana IV
Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Turkana City
Population: 48 Million
Star: Turkana
Star System: Turkana system

Turkana IV is a Terran Federation colony world.


Turkana IV was colonized by the crew of the SS Newton, one of several colony ships sent into the Nubia Cluster. Ten years after colonization, unrest began developing among the colonists, with several criminal factions vying for power on the colony. Son, these factions took up arms against the Colonial Government and civil war engulfed the planet.

Eventually, the Colonial Government was victorious, but not before much of the infrastructure of the colony was destroyed. The cities were rebuilt by the 24th century, with the Turkana Memorial being erected in memory of those lives lost in the civil war. Today, Turkana stands as a reminder of the Terran Federations stand against oppression.


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